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EuroLeague live streaming - How to watch basketball live online

Olympics Piraeus Dimitrios Agravanis (L) tries to block CSKA Moscow's Aaron Jackson (

Basketball is ranked as one of the world's most popular and widely watched sports with a massive global following that can now also watch and bet on live streams of EuroLeague fixtures online.

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About Basketball

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is still the pre-eminent league in the game, but there are many more that attract viewers in their droves such as the Turkish Airlines Euroleague, the VTB United League, the PBA Philippine Cup and Liga ACB.

The sport is after all an American game, originating in 1891 when James Naismith (1861-1939) was assigned to teach a physical education class at a Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) training school in Springfield, Massachusetts. Naismith was instructed to invent a new game to keep the young men occupied and with it being winter and cold outside, he devised a game that could be played indoors.
Fenerbahce's Jan Vesely scores against Real Madrid during their semi-final at the Euroleague Final Four in Istanbul (Photo by BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images)

Basketball subsequently grew in popularity because graduates of said YMCA school travelled far and wide and promoted the game along with Naismith and due to the need for a simple game that could be played indoors during harsh winter months.

The game is now played by more than 250 million people worldwide in an organized fashion and its growth in popularity eventually gave rise to the Euroleague, which is second only to the NBA in terms of prestige in the sport.

The Euroleague is the highest level tier of professional basketball in Europe with teams taking part from up to 18 different countries. This competition is run by ULEB, a Europe-wide consortium of leading professional basketball leagues. 

The main teams featuring in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague include FC Regal Barcelona, Real Madrid, CSKA Moskow, Panathinaikos, Fenerbahce Ulker and Brose Baskets.

The VTB United League is the professional league for basketball that is run in Russia and was founded in 2008. Since its inception the league has gone from strength to strength and their goal is to unite the leading clubs of Eastern and Northern Europe to play in just one major competition.

In the first season in 2009-10 teams from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine were involved, before Finland, Poland and Belarus were added the following season. Sixteen teams now compete in the tournament with the Czech Republic and Kazakhstan adding teams to the mix.

Upcoming Streams

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About the Euroleague

The Euroleague pits the top 24 teams on the continent against one another to fight it out for places at the season end Final Four - hosted at a different major European city each year - where they bid to win Europe's most prestigious club title.

As the competition regularly boasts the likes of FC Barcelona Regal, CSKA Moscow, Olympiakos and Panathinaikos this truly is a competition worth savouring.

The Euroleague's regular season kicks off annually in October with a round-robin group phase, which is followed by a Top 16 stage. The third phase of the competition is the Quarter-Final round which sees sides vie for a place at the Final Four in May. 

Previous Winners (since 2001)

Recent EuroLeague Champions

2000-2001Virtus Bologna 3–2 (65–78 / 94–73 / 60–80 / 96–79 / 82–74) Baskonia
2001-2002Panathinaikos 89–83 Virtus Bologna
2002-2003FC Barcelona 76–65 Mens Sana 
2003-2004Maccabi Tel Aviv 118–74 Fortitudo Bologna
2004-2005Maccabi Tel Aviv 90–78 Baskonia
2005-2006CSKA Moscow 73–69 Maccabi Tel Aviv
2006-2007Panathinaikos 93–91 Málaga (Unicaja)
2007-2008CSKA Moscow 91–77 Maccabi Tel Aviv
2008-2009Panathinaikos 73–71 CSKA Moscow
2009-2010FC Barcelona (Regal) 86–68 Olympiacos
2010-2011Panathinaikos 78–70 Maccabi Tel Aviv (Electra)
2011-2012Olympiacos 62–61 CSKA Moscow
2012-2013Olympiacos 100–88 Real Madrid
2013-2014Maccabi Tel Aviv (Electra) 98–86 (OT) Real Madrid
2014-2015Real Madrid 78–59 Olympiacos
2015-2016CSKA Moscow 101-96 (OT) Fenerbahçe Istanbul

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EuroLeague live streaming - How to watch basketball live online

Basketball is ranked as one of the world's most popular and widely watched sports with a global following that can now also view live streams of all Euroleague fixtures online.

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