List of La Liga winners

Brendan O'Neill in Football 14 May 2016

Such has been the dominance of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain's top flight that only nine teams have lifted the La Liga trophy since the division's inception in 1929, with the big two sharing 56 league championship crowns between them.

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It was Catalonia's Barcelona who won the very first Liga in 1929, while Real had to wait until 1932 to open their account and those successes were a sign a things to come although the big two didn't have it all their own way as the league established itself in Spain, with Athletic Bilbao dominating proceedings in the 1930s, winning the title in 1930, 1931, 1934 and 1936, and finishing as runners-up in 1932 and 1933.Javier Alejandro Mascherano (R) of FC Barcelona competes for the ball with Petros Matheus (L) of Real Betis Balompie (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images)6x5x4x3x

Patrick O'Connell, who captained both Manchester United and Ireland, managed Real Betis to their first and only La Liga title in 1935 before moving to Barcelona.

Under legendary former-goalkeeper Ricardo Zamora, Atlético Madrid won the Primera División for the first time in 1939/1940 before going on to win the Spanish Supercup and retaining their league crown the following season.

Valencia won its first Spanish championship title in 1942 before adding a second in 1944 and a third in 1947 after Sevilla's maiden success in 1946.

Madrid emerged as top dog in Spain from the 1950s through to the 1980s. However, since the 90s we have seen a duopoly that has only been broken on occasion by the likes of Atlético Madrid, Valencia, and Deportivo de La Coruña.

List of La Liga Winners:

1929 Barcelona1929–30 Athletic Bilbao1930–31 Athletic Bilbao1931–32 Real Madrid1932–33 Real Madrid1933–34 Athletic Bilbao1934–35 Real Betis 1935–36 Athletic Bilbao 1936–37 Spanish Civil War (League Cancelled)1937–381938–391939–40 Atlético Aviación1940–41 Atlético Aviación1941–42 Valencia 1942–43 Athletic Bilbao1943–44 Valencia 1944–45 Barcelona 1945–46 Sevilla 1946–47 Valencia1947–48 Barcelona1948–49 Barcelona1949–50 Atlético Madrid1950–51 Atlético Madrid1951–52 Barcelona1952–53 Barcelona1953–54 Real Madrid1954–55 Real Madrid1955–56 Athletic Bilbao1956–57 Real Madrid1957–58 Real Madrid1958–59 Barcelona1959–60 Barcelona1960–61 Real Madrid 1961–62 Real Madrid1962–63 Real Madrid1963–64 Real Madrid1964–65 Real Madrid1965–66 Atlético Madrid 1966–67 Real Madrid 1967–68 Real Madrid 1968–69 Real Madrid 1969–70 Atlético Madrid1970–71 Valencia 1971–72 Real Madrid 1972–73 Atlético Madrid 1973–74 Barcelona 1974–75 Real Madrid1975–76 Real Madrid1976–77 Atlético Madrid1977–78 Real Madrid 1978–79 Real Madrid 1979–80 Real Madrid1980–81 Real Sociedad1981–82 Real Sociedad1982–83 Athletic Bilbao 1983–84 Athletic Bilbao1984–85 Barcelona 1985–86 Real Madrid1986–87 Real Madrid1987–88 Real Madrid1988–89 Real Madrid1989–90 Real Madrid1990–91 Barcelona1991–92 Barcelona1992–93 Barcelona1993–94 Barcelona1994–95 Real Madrid1995–96 Atlético Madrid1996–97 Real Madrid 1997–98 Barcelona1998–99 Barcelona 1999–2000 Deportivo La Coruña 2000–01 Real Madrid 2001–02 Valencia 2002–03 Real Madrid 2003–04 Valencia 2004–05 Barcelona2005–06 Barcelona2006–07 Real Madrid2007–08 Real Madrid2008–09 Barcelona2009–10 Barcelona2010–11 Barcelona2011–12 Real Madrid 2012–13 Barcelona 2013–14 Atlético Madrid 2014–15 Barcelona