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George Groves in no rush to fight IBF super-middleweight champion James DeGale

Sports Editor in News 7 Oct 2015

George Groves has revealed he is in no rush to fight IBF super-middleweight world champion James DeGale because he knows he will always beat him.

Groves inflicted a first professional defeat on DeGale back in May 2011, but since then it is the latter who has managed to capture a world title.

De Gale defeated Andre Dirrell in a unanimous points decision to win the vacant IBF super-middleweight title in May 2015, while Groves has fought and failed in three championship bouts.

Groves versus DeGale II is a fight a lot of the British public wants to see, but Groves insists he is no rush to make it happen because he will always have DeGale’s number.

Groves told Sky Sports News: “The truth is, I am in no rush to fight James DeGale. I'll fight James DeGale when I am ready; not physically ready, but when I want it, because I've beaten him twice already.  

"I said it when we were kids - although not many were listening - and for the last fight, I told a lot of people: I've got his number. He can go on to be the greatest British fighter we've ever had, but he will still never beat me. I've got his number.  

"It's very funny because everyone was singing his praises when we were kids - and then I beat him. Then he went and won the Olympic gold, then I went and beat him. Now he's sitting there with a world championship belt, and it ain't over yet.”

Groves has been impressed with how DeGale has resurrected his career and despite not having a world title belt of his own he feels there is nothing to choose between the pair.

He added: “We've been up and down, up and down. Two years ago, he was rock bottom... rock bottom. 

"Where I am most impressed with James is that he's showed a toughness, or a spirit, strength, motivation or something that he was not content with, and has pulled himself out of the gutter. He's been at the very bottom, at rock bottom, but he disappeared and he's come back. 

"He's now a world champion, he's in big fights... He's just signed up to fight Bute, out in Canada, but he has to do it the tough way for him because he's not popular - he has to box on foreign soil. I've just dropped a split decision in Vegas for the world championship, he's just won a decision in Boston, against an American for the belt... there's a whisker between us right now."