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World Cup of Pool live streaming - How to watch live online

32 two-man teams from around the world battle it out for top honours and prize money at the annual World Cup of Pool - an event not to be missed. Here's how to watch and bet on the action live oline.

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About World Cup of PoolThe World Cup of Pool sees a gathering of some of the greatest players on planet as 32 two-player teams battle it out for international glory and their share of an ever increasing prize pool.

This nine-ball single-elimination tournament for doubles teams is held annually at various locations around the world and has grown massively in popularity since the inaugural edition in 2006. 

Individual matches at the competition are scotch doubles, and races to nine racks up until the final which is usually more than nine racks and with alternating break. World Pool-Billiard Association World Standardized Rules apply for nine-ball games. Modified rules apply for scotch doubles play (alternate shots for players on a team and no one shoots twice in a row).

The Philippines (Reyes / Bustamante) won the maiden title in 2006 in Newport, Wales, when they downed United States (Strickland / Morris) 13-5 in the decider.

They went on to win further titles in 2009 and 2013 and are at time of writing the most successful nation in the competition.

Other former champions include China (2), United States, Germany, Finland and Chinese Taipei.

England (Appleton / Boyes) won its first Wold Cup of Pool title in 2014, beating the Netherlands 10-9 in a thrilling final Portsmouth.

The tournament is hosted by Matchroom Sport.

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How To Watch & Bet On Pool Live Online1) Go to bet365

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